Spouse, etc. of permanent residents, is the status of residence for children who are residents continue in Japan birth spouse of a permanent resident, special permanent residents and in Japan to apply.

It can be acquired conditions such as permanent resident spouse

If you apply to the following conditions can apply.

  1. Permanent resident spouse
  2. Special permanent resident spouse
  3. Born in Japan as a child of a permanent resident, a child that has also stay after birth

Permanent resident spouse

Applicants must have a marriage and permanent residents, rather than a formal only marriage, we need to have a really marriage.
In addition, since there is also a case suspected of fake marriage to obtain a visa, you must prove that we are really married in the application reason statement.

Children of permanent residents

Either the father or mother when born in Japan was staying in Japan in the status of residence, such as a permanent resident, if the father before birth in Japan had died, my father was in a permanent resident at the time of death thing and, it is necessary to subsequently after the birth of the child has been residing in Japan.

Period of Stay

5 years, 3 years, 1 year, 6 months