Specific activities visa, for people to activities that do not correspond to any other status, is the status of residence designated by the Minister of Justice and the particular activity for individual foreigners.
For example, domestic servants of diplomats, working holiday, foreign nurses based on the Economic Partnership Agreement,etc., is a visa care worker candidates students like to get.

Broadly speaking, and the specific activities of the Immigration Control Act provisions, and notice specific activities that are determined Omotte announcement by the Minister of Justice in advance, there is a notice outside the specific activity that has not been determined.

Conditions that can be acquired for a particular activity visa

Can be acquired conditions are different in each case.

We will describe the conditions to get to if you attract a parent living in many foreign countries the most demand.

If you bring in a parent living abroad

If have to live with foreigners who perform the specific research activities, etc. or a specific information processing activities, it is the parents of the parents and the spouse receiving the dependents

  • Live with dependents, and, to receive the dependents of the person.
  • Live with dependents in foreign countries, and, that he had received the support of the person.
  • It is moved to Japan along with the dependents.

Period of Stay

Five years, four years, three years, two years, one year, six months, it is a period of time (not exceeding 5 years) to three months or the Minister of Justice to specify the individual.