Settlers visa, the Minister of Justice in consideration of the reason, is a visa that those who admit the residence by specifying to get a certain period of stay in a range that does not exceed five years.

Specifically, Japanese III and resettlement refugees, China residual Japanese, such as Japanese and foreigners in which the widowed or divorced and special permanent resident spouse will apply.

Conditions that can be acquired settlers visa

There are the following conditions, please contact us for more details.

  1. Japanese III
  2. Settlers of spouse
  3. Biological child of a person who was born as a child of the Japanese
  4. Biological child of the biological child of the things that may be once in a person who was born as a child of the Japanese had a domicile in Japan as the Japanese people
  5. Biological child of unmarried minors to live in response to the dependents of the settlers with a period of stay for more than one year of the period of stay
  6. Spouses of Japanese, permanent resident, special permanent resident, permanent resident (more than one year), monitor with a status of residence of "Spouse or Child of Japanese (international marriage)" or "such as permanent resident spouse" biological child of unmarried minors of these persons to live in response to the dependents
  7. Adoption of less than 6 years of age to live in response to the dependents of a person, special permanent residents to stay with the status of residence of the settlers that are specified the period of stay of more than Japanese and permanent residents - one year
  8. China residual Japanese and their families, etc.

Period of Stay

5 years, 3 years, 1 year, 6 months, or the Minister of Justice is a period to be specified in the individual (not to exceed five years range)