If you would like to get a job in Japan and you are a college student that could not find a job in Japan until the graduation and wish to continue job hunting in Japan.You need the application of specific activities visa.
In addition, you will need to apply for a visa to suit the company and work to get a job from a student visa to get a job.

If you could not work for up to graduation

Specific activities for the purpose of job search visa, you can apply if you apply to either of the following two conditions.

①Continued job hunting college students

Eligibility (including junior college and graduate school.) Japanese universities in the study and higher professional school in a foreign country who have graduated from, who wish to stay in Japan for the purpose of performing continued employment activity from before graduation

②Continued job hunting vocational school student

Hope residence status in Japan of vocational school specialized courses in study abroad, to get the title of Senmonshi, in a foreign country who had graduated from the same course, the stay in Japan for the purpose of performing continued employment activity from before graduation of the person who is recognized to be associated with activities that fall under any of the status of residence acquire content in the specialized courses are related to employment, such as technology or humanities knowledge and international business persons

Period of stay

It is basically six months, but it is possible to apply for an extension of a further six months if you did not Kimara is employment in that period.

Employment has been determined or entrepreneurs to students,

Employment was decided students

Technology and Humanities knowledge and international business visa, humanities and international visa, technology, and then apply for a visa that was adapted to the profession, such as medical visa.

If you would like to entrepreneurs after graduation in Japan

If it established a company on their own after graduation in person to the company's management, and the application of business management visa. It will also be necessary, such as preparation and office preparation of the capital.