The application agency administrative scrivener

The applicant agency administrative scrivener, when the proceedings by the Immigration Control Act, Certificate of Eligibility for obtaining a visa, change of visa status of stay in Japan, such as the update procedure of period of stay, Immigration Bureau apply for, but originally I must be made to appear the person for the applicant agency administrative scrivener is a national qualifications who can apply on behalf of the principal.

Regard agency of the Certificate of Eligibility, but depends on the type of residence status, it is basically only if the applicant or its representative (your family and employment of the companies) are staying in Japan.

Business which is the applicant agency administrative scrivener can be performed the agency

Range of business to carry out the commission the applicant agency administrative scrivener is below.

  1. Distillate qualification permit application
  2. Extension of period of stay permit application
  3. Status of residence changes permit application
  4. Certificate of Eligibility
  5. Permanent residence permit application due to the change of status of residence
  6. Permanent residence permit application by the status of residence acquisition
  7. Qualification outside activities permit application
  8. Re-entry permit application
  9. Employment Eligibility certificate grant application
  10. Change of application contents offer
  11. Application of visa cancellation