Exchange students who are looking for new carreer in Japan and won't be able to find their job until their graduation, they need to switch their visa to " Temporary Visitor Visa".
After finding their job, they have to change your visa to suit their new job.

Unable to Find Jobs Until Graduation

You can apply for "Temporaly Visitor Visa" when either of following item suits your condition.

① University Students Who Are Continuing Recruiting Activity

Foreign students who has student visa and studied at Japanese universities (including junior college and graduate school) who started recruiting activities before their graduation and hope to continue work and live in Japan.

② Vocational School Students Who Are Continuing Recruiting Activity

Exchange students who were entitled dgree from professional vocanical school in Japan and extend their period of stay for recruiting in Japan. If their speciality should be either technology, humanities or international business. Moreover, their plannning job field match their specialities.

Period of Stay

Basically six months, another 6months of extention is possible if they cannnot find a job.

Found A Job? or Be An Entrepreneur?

Students Who Found A Job

Please switch any of working visa to suits your new job field.

Establishing A Company in Japan?

If you would like to establish a company and be an enterpreneur in Japan, please apply "Business Management Visa". Please ask us for preparation and requirments for further visa procedure.