News visa is a visa that person who interviewed on other news activities carried out on the basis of a contract with a foreign news organizations to apply.
Specifically, newspaper and broadcasters, news agencies, other and newspaper reporters are employed in media organizations, announcer, and so news photographer.

It can be acquired conditions of coverage visa

News visa, who the following activities will be able to apply.

  1. Foreign newspapers and news agencies, broadcasting stations, a person who has been employed by the news movie companies and other news organizations, those that have been sent to Japan for the purpose of performing the activities on the news from the news organization
  2. And a contract with a foreign news organization in such reporter to work as a freelancer, to perform a report on activities for the news organization

Various definitions of coverage visa

① foreign news agency contract, ② coverage, on the other news ③ activities are defined as follows.

  1. The "foreign news organizations", newspaper and communications company headquartered in a foreign country, broadcasting station, is the agency for the purpose of coverage of such news film company.
  2. In the "contract" is delegated to other employment, commissioned, will also be included in commission, and the like. However, it must be ongoing with a particular institution.
  3. "Interview", "coverage of the activity on the other reports" of is illustrative, in addition to the interview carried out in order to inform the general public of the events of the society, it needs to become shooting and editing on doing the news, broadcast, etc. of all activities are included. Specifically, newspaper reporter, magazine reporter, reportage writer, editor-in-chief, editor, news photographer, news cameraman assistant, radio announcer, television announcer, will include activities as a gaffer, etc. of television.

Period of Stay

5 years, 3 years, 1 year, 3 months