Business management visa

Business Administration Visa is one of the working visa, foreigners, established a trading company in Japan or start a business to import export abroad, or from abroad to Japan, and opened a shop of the home country of the cuisine in Japan It gets the management visa if you want to or management.

Without having to establish a company, or to invest in already a company, you can also get a business management visa or bought.

Foreigners who want to work in Japan will have a lot, but in fact the acquisition of working visa in Japan is not easy.

Of course, but business management visa also is not easy, is the difference between other working visa is that you can make the location (host institution), which established a company on their own even if there is no acceptance destination, or to invest work in their own .

However, there are application criteria such as capital and experience, as well as met the application criteria, you need to the creation of the only business plan and the statement of the reasons of get admitted to the Immigration Bureau.