The provisional release permit application is

Provisional release permit application, when foreigners were illegal stay, such as overstaying is housed, such as by a detention order or a deportation order, to stop temporarily housed, and if solving the constraints of custody This application to get so.

Housing period by the detention order is "30 day (however, when we admit that there is a compelling reason in chief examiner, can be extended as long as 30 days)", the accommodation by the deportation order "repatriation possible Although you have been defined as to "when, for reasons of health of the inmates, because there also be solved once the constraints of custody for departure preparation such as need arises, temporarily in order to deal with such cases by solving a constraint on a system that is getting out to the outside.

Way of provisional release of claims

By a written application for permission for provisional release, in the case which is housed foreigners to become a deportation due to overstaying to the Immigration Bureau, if the provisional release was observed, you can come out from the detention facilities.

Provisional release of the billing is

If the inmate is housed in immigration detention centers is to the director of the immigration detention center, also, if you have been accommodated in the detention house of the Regional Immigration Bureau of the regional immigration bureau with jurisdiction over the detention house chief You will be billed to the examiner.

It should be noted that, when the provisional release of the claim, if the provisional release has been granted, for where I am going to ensure the guidance of compliance such as the identity of underwriting and laws and regulations in the provisional release of the provisional release authorized person, the guarantor you need to decide.

Required documents

Provisional release permit application form one copy of the other, documentation to prove the reason to claim the provisional release, you must have documents concerning the guarantor.

Conditions of provisional release permit

If there is a provisional release of claims, inmate of the circumstances and the provisional release of the reason to become evidence, as well as the person of the nature of the claim, it will be determined in consideration of the assets.

Upon authorization of provisional release is to pay 3 million yen or less of deposit, further restrictions or the place of residence and area of movement, there is appearance of obligation other necessary conditions for the call.

For the deposit, when deemed appropriate director of the immigration detention center or a supervising examiner, but you may be able to be replaced in the deposit by the guarantee that a person other than an inmate is held out, the warranty card, even guarantee amount of money and time There is a need to describe the effect that paid the deposit.

If the provisional release is revoked

Cancellation reason

Alien who has been granted a temporary release permit is, flee or, when there is a risk of escape, not depending on the call without a justifiable reason, when the violation of the conditions attached to the provisional release, revoked the provisional release it may be.


If the provisional release is canceled, it will be re-housed in such as immigration detention centers and local immigration office of the detention house.

If the compensation is confiscated

When the provisional release is revoked, it will deposit you paid when provisional release is sequester. Bosch has Bosch and some sequester all is, cancellation of the reason is, if you do not according to the escape and call deposit of the full amount, in the case of cancellation due to other reasons are Bosch part of the deposit, one amount of money in the case of part Bosch, will be determined in accordance with the circumstances.

Visitation and pledged

Visitation and pledged, although different determined by the detention facilities, the time and that can be met, such as those that can not be pledged has been decided.