Refugee status is race, religion, nationality, nationality country in order to have a well-founded fear that there is a fear of persecution that and is a member of a particular social group, or political opinion as a reason it is a person who is outside, who do not want it or can not receive the protection of their nationality will apply.

Requirements for Applying Refugee Visa

Refugee status, the applicant will be determined by submitting such documents proved to be a refugee.

The Benefits of Having Refugee Visa

Upon receiving the refugee status, there are three benefits.

① Relaxation of permanent residence permit requirements

Independent provision that it must have sufficient assets or skills to engage in a living will be relaxed.

② Refugee travel certificate will be issued

If in possession of a refugee travel document, within the validity period of the certificate, it is possible to enter or leave from any number of times Japan.

③ Various rights are received as stipulated in the Refugee Convention

National pension in Japan, child-rearing allowance, such as welfare benefits you can receive in the same way as the Japanese people.