People trying to acquire Japanese nationality will apply for naturalization.
In order to naturalization, you must meet the requirements of the naturalization stipulated in the Nationality Law, whether to allow the application will be the Minister of Justice of discretion.

Conditions of Naturalization

The application for naturalization has six conditions.

① To have an address to continue for more than five years Japan

The fact that has an address in Japan, you must have a home of living in Japan.

Residence period of five years, must be continuous as a general rule.

However, it is exempted from residence period of five years total wager on any of the following conditions.

  1. A Japanese citizen a person who was a child, to have a domicile or residence continued for more than three years in Japan.
  2. Have a domicile or residence in Japan continued for more than three years in the born person in Japan, or that (except for the adoptive parents) father or mother was born in Japan (in fact having an address in Japan).
  3. Continue for more than 10 years Japan person who has a residence in (in fact those with an address in Japan.)
  4. There is a domicile or residence in Japan continued for more than three years in serving the Japanese people of spouse foreigners, people who have an address in Japan.
  5. Lapse of three years from the date of the marriage in serving the Japanese people of spouse foreigners, and those having the address continued in Japan for more than one year.
  6. A person who has lost their Japanese nationality (after naturalization in Japan, excluding those who have lost their Japanese nationality) People who have an address in Japan.
  7. Born in Japan, and, in a person who does not have a nationality from the time of birth, the person that there is address in Japan continued for more than three years from that time.
  8. Foreigners with a special distinguished service in Japan.

② There is a capacity to act by the national law in the 20 years of age or older.

Application for naturalization is at least 20 years of age, and must not have the capacity to act in the national law.
In other words, it is thought that it is necessary to have reached the age of majority in the original nationality in Japan.

③ That behavior is good

There is no criminal record or history of delinquency, it would be all right if there is no thing that caused the problem.
However, such as if you have neglected to traffic violations and tax liability is required to be careful.

④ Spouse to both the self or living, to be able to engage in the living by assets or skills of other relatives

The applicant's naturalization, you must be able to make a living by the spouse or other family members to have the same or their livelihood. In other words, is that it may, if there is economic power to feed the family even if there is no income or assets in their own.

It should be noted that the applicants who apply to the conditions of the 6-7 of ① conditions of ④ will be waived.

⑤ No nationality, or by the acquisition of Japanese nationality that should lose his nationality

The applicant's naturalization, or a stateless person, must be to lose the nationality of up to it by acquiring Japanese nationality.

⑥ In the subsequent date of enforcement the Constitution of Japan, it attempted to be destroyed by violence the government was established in the Constitution or under the Japanese, or claim that formed a political party or other organization, or this that it is not that you have subscribed to.

The applicant's naturalization, must not be a politically violent.

The Ability of Japanese Language

There is no particular criteria, but it is said that the need of the ability of the Japanese elementary school two to three-year or more (8-year-old to 9 years old).

Flowchart of Naturalization

  1. 1. Please contact us.

    090-3676-8204(Opening hours daily 9:00 to 21:00)

  2. 2. Reply from Visa Naturalization Support Center

  3. 3. First Interview

    The interview will be held at your convinent time.

  4. 4 .Estimation

    Interviews to ask the contents in, we will create a quote form and flow of business.

  5. 5. Application

    The presentation was your quote Please confirm, I will explain the future of schedule.

  6. 6. Downpyment and Travel Expenses

    We'll have 50% of the remuneration as downopayment and estimated travel expenses.

  7. 7. Interviews with the applicant in person and the person in charge of the Legal Affairs Bureau

  8. 8. Collection and creation of Documents to be Submitted

  9. 9. Submission and examination the start of the document

  10. 10. Interview with the applicant in person by officer

  11. 11. Determination of the examination and authorization and non-permitted

  12. 12. Notification of permission and non-permission from the Legal Affairs Bureau