A common pattern is, those of single with children in Japanese is married to a foreigner, and if you get the adoption to the foreign spouse, have children to foreign spouses, Japanese it is you might want to the children and adoption.
In addition, there is also a case where Japanese husband and wife and adopted child of foreign minors.

Requirements for International Adoption

Although adoption will basically apply the law of the person of the country in which the adoptive parent is, the law of the person of the home country to be adopted on, when it is provided with the provisions relating to adoption of protection, it is also applied its provisions It will be.

The adoptive of the original country law, when other protective requirements there is a requirement at the time of the adoption, it must also meet the requirements.

When Foreigner Adopt Children of Japanese Spouse

Since the principle as the home country of the laws of the adoptive parents is applicable, if the foreign adoptive parents to children and the adoption of the Japanese will apply foreign law. Law of the foreign country, if you have adopted the domicile law principle, will be the law of the country (Japan) that foreign adoptive parents are resident is applied.

When Japanese Adopt Children of Foreign Spouse

Basically, Japanese law will be applied, when the necessary permission in the adoptive home of the law as the protection requirements of the child, there is a need to obtain such permission of the court.

When Japanese Couple adopt Foreign Children

Basically, to apply the law of Japan, but if there is a protection requirements to adoptive home country law, you must also meet the requirements.

Kind of Adoption in Japan

In Japan, there are two types of adoption.

  1. Normal adoption: The commonly used in ordinary adoption, both adoptive parents while leaving the parent-child relationship between the actual parent Tie the parent-child relationship. If the child is young, you need to get the permission of the family court.
  2. Special adoption system: special adoption system is, in the age is basically less than 6-year-old children (under the age of 8 are exceptions), you need either of the adoptive parents is greater than or equal to 25 years of age. It will be strict examination of the court than the normal adoption. In addition, unlike the ordinary adoption, parent-child relationship between the actual parent is terminated.

Period of Stay

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