Foreigners who are staying in Japan there is a case where there is a need to notify of a change to a local immigration office and municipality.

If notification of change is necessary

①Report to the Regional Immigration Bureau

  1. Name, nationality, region, date of birth, if there is a change in the gender
  2. Although they may not have to be the case (reported there has been a change in the institution, if the presence of technology and Humanities knowledge and international business or institution, such as study abroad has become a basis of residence status, regional immigration bureau There is a need to report to)
  3. Japanese spouse, etc. (international marriage), such as permanent resident spouse, a person of the status of residence of the family stay, in the case of a person who status as spouse has become the basis of residence status, divorced spouse or There is a need to notify in the case of widowed

②If you need to notify the municipality

If the place of residence there was a change in the place of residence or is new and, if the foreigner of medium- and long-term residents who have established a place of residence and entry to our country to a new, city of the place of residence the day from within 14 days you must notify the district towns and villages.