The overstaying (undocumented), or has passed the period of stay that are allowed (overstaying), you hit if you have entered Japan with false or impersonation.

Once you have found to have illegal stay

Become a force subject to, or are housed in the housing facility, we will no longer have to leave the country from Japan.
In addition, entry into Japan has to want can no longer be certain period of time.

Provisional release permit application

Temporary release may be permitted if a foreigner who is deported due to overstay or the like is accommodated in the Immigration Bureau by applying for a provisional release permission application and if accepted it can be taken out of the detention facility.

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Special residence permit application

By a special residence permit application, a person who is subject to deportation of illegal immigrants by overstaying and counterfeiting, false is, when you wish to stay in Japan, exceptionally allow the stay in view of the circumstances There is the case field that can get.

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If you overstay in Japan...