Privacy Policy

Our website pays scrupulous attention to protect personal information regarding your privacy. In our website, I may ask you offer personal and minimum information upon your judgment. As for the offering other information, we respect your judgement.

Concerning the Acquisition of Personal Information

When you get offered our service, I may have your minimum personal information.

Concerning the Use of this Site

The usage of the information from customers will be limited within the service which is related to our business. In addition, When the pourpose of usage is mentioned in the application form, we will follow the description.

Concerning the System of Management and Protection

The personal information from customers are treated in rational measures. Appropriate method is implemented to avoid from loss or leak the personal information.

For the Provision and Presentation

Personal information which you provide through this website will not be provided or presented to the third party without any notice. However, we will follow the rules by authorities.

Regarding Procedures for Disclosure from the Person Who Privide Personal Information

Your personal information will be treated strictly by confirming you when it was requested to provide from you.

Consultation on the Handling of Personal Information

Inquiries regarding the handling of your personal information, please use our contact page.

For Your Consent

We consider that you understand our policy regarding personal information on this website. Please forgive us that the content of this site may be revised without any notice.

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