Transferee visa within the company is a visa that company with offices in Japan to get to if you are allowed to transfer a fixed period the staff in Japan of the office located in a foreign country do the work corresponding to the technology and Humanities knowledge and international business .

For example, if the foreign entrepreneurs of overseas employees to transfer to Japan of the office, the Japanese company has established a subsidiary in foreign countries, Japan, etc. If an employee of the corporation of its overseas to transfer to Japan better to immigration will get to.

Conditions that can be acquired in the transfer of visa companies

Necessary educational background and work experience

Head office immediately before the transfer pertaining to the application located in a foreign country, in case you are the business of technology and humanities knowledge and international business in the branch office or any other places of business, that there is more than one year the period is to continue. (If the business that apply to technology and Humanities knowledge and international business, need not be the same business to be in Japan and business with experience of more than one year.)

Further, in the case of the services that require specific ways of thought or sensitivity about foreign culture, you must be true following of any potatoes.


It must be remuneration and equal to or more than the amount to receive in case the Japanese engage.

Period of Stay

5 years, 3 years, 1 year, 3 months

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