A person who already stayid in Japan and would like to extend stay for long period of time can apply for permanent resident visa. You can get permission to live in Japan with no period, without changing your nationality.

There are no limitation on period of stay (no renewal) and freedom for work. You can remain in Japan even if you got divorced with Japanese spouse.

Rquirements for Application

Since this visa is determined indivisually, it is difficult to predict neccessary requirments. However, if you qualify these terms below, there is worth trying.

  1. Good behaviour.
  2. Enough assets and skills to live in Japan
  3. Able to offer benefits to Japan
  4. Total period of stay is more than 10 years, period of stay under working visa or as a resident has to be more than 5 years.
  5. No fine, no imprisonment and penalty of tax payment delay.
  6. Reaching one's longest period of stay
  7. Not harmful and don't violate public health

Special Exception

If you satisfied one of these terms, the term on the length of stay (10 years) will be shorter.

  1. If your spouse is Japanese or resident visa holder and your actual length of marriage is more than 3 years and staying in Japan continuously for more than 1 year. If your parents are under this condition and you are staying in Japan for more than 1 year.
  2. If your length of stay is more than 5 years as a settler.
  3. If you are recognized as a refugee and length of stay reached more than 5 years after recognition.
  4. Dedication to Japan diplomatically, socially, economically and culturally is recognized and the length of stay reached more than 5 years.

Period of Stay

No Limitation