Spouse or child of Japanese national visa is issued to spouse who got married with Japanese and their children(special adopted child is included).

If foreigner get married with Japanese, they have to change their visa status to "spouse of Japanese national". Their children need to obtain visa as their child.

Your range of freedom and activity will be wider if you get this visa. To get married with Japanese (which is called international marriage), you have to clarify the some condition which regurate by Japanese government. As well as these conditions, neccessary document has to be submitted.

Neccessary Condition for This Visa

Spouse of Japanese

Person who apply this visa has to be legally married with Japanse. Divorced, widower, widow and partner cannot obtain this visa. Basically, you have to live together with your spouse. (Otherwise, it will be regarded as "fake marriage".)

Children of Japanese

As well as legitimate child, illegitimate child can apply for this visa. When child was born, either one of parents has to be Japanese national. Or, if father is dead at child's birth, he has to be Japanese national at his death.

Plenary Adoption

Plenary adoption need to be judged by family court. Relationship with legitimate parents will be extinguished. On the other hand, relationship with forster parents cannot call off. Child has to be under age of 6.

Then, an adopted child will be registered as legimate child on legal record.

Period of Stay

5 years, 3 years, 1 year, 6 months