Denial of landing and, when acknowledge the landing for Japan, by refusing to foreign entry that seems to be likely to harm the interests or public security of Japan, also called the refusal of entry.

Denial of landing grounds

If you apply to the following will be the denial of landing grounds.

  1. Unfavorable be seen landing for reasons of Hoken'ya hygiene.
  2. It is undesirable to allow the landing by the anti-social nature is strong.
  3. Unfavorable be seen landing, such as by having received a deportation from Japan.
  4. Unfavorable be seen landing there is a possibility that harm the interests or public security of Japan.
  5. Do not allow the landing on the basis of reciprocity.

The refusal of entry period for illegal stay, etc. have been defined. Is basically a denial of landing period is 5 years, 10 years if there is a thing that has been given a departure order or receive a deportation, or if it becomes more than one year of imprisonment becomes a trial, drugs, cannabis, etc. If you were in possession of illegal or been sentenced to imprisonment deny entry period will be permanent by.
Departure order system the person who left the country using is will be one year.

Even after refusal of entry period has been deported, does not always Certificate of Eligibility is issued. If you have experience of illegal immigration in the past, it will be very difficult.

For more details, it will be the contents of the following

  1. Doubt a person of the infection prevention and provided for in the Act on medical care for patients with infectious diseases One class infections and two such infections or patients of the specified infection or new infection.
  2. Those who are in a steady state who lack the ability to discern the reasons due to mental disabilities or those who are inadequate in their capacity and who are not accompanied by those specified by the Ministry of Justice as those who support their activities or actions in Japan.
  3. In poor and wanderer, etc., who are likely to become a burden of life on the national and local governments.
  4. Japan or in violation of national legislation other than Japan, more than one year of imprisonment or imprisonment or some of any other country, and has been sentenced to the corresponding punishment to these.
  5. Drug, cannabis, opium, a person be in violation of Japan or national legislation other than Japan related to enforcement of stimulants or psychotropic drugs has been sentenced to imprisonment.
  6. In relation to the international scale or this on the scale of the conference to be held in competitions or international scale will be held in the course or equivalent result, with the purpose of interfering with its smooth implementation, to kill people, to the people assault was added, and threatened people, or by the building was damaged and other things, been sentenced to punishment in violation of national legislation other than Japan or Japan, or pursuant to the provisions of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act from Japan It is forced to retreat, shall apply in a person who has been evicted from the country in accordance with the provisions of national legislation other than Japan, in relation to the course or outcome of such international competition that takes place in Japan, or the smooth implementation and with the purpose to prevent, and in the area of ​​the municipality to be held location or whereabouts that such as the international competition, at a location to be subjected to the use of a large number of persons that in the vicinity of the non-specific, kill people, beating people It was added, and threatened people, or building other things are likely to damage the person.
  7. Narcotic or psychotropic drugs prescribed in the Narcotics and Psychotropics Control Act, cannabis prescribed in the Cannabis Control Law, poppy set forth in the opium law, an instrument to stimulants or stimulant drugs or raw opium smoke stipulated in opium or Stimulants Control Law those who possessed illegally.
  8. Prostitution or solicitation, or of any other country, and it has engaged in directly to the related business to provide other prostitution of its location.
  9. Make trafficking in persons, or which help person.
  10. Person who possession illegally explosives stipulated in firearms or swords or the Explosives Control Law stipulated in Firearms and Swords Control Law.
  11. Past the denial of landing, a person who has received a deportation or departure order
    1. Narcotic or psychotropic drugs, cannabis, poppy, opium, who was denied a landing on the grounds that the stimulant drugs or stimulants raw materials or opium instrument or guns or swords to suck the smoke or explosives were in possession of illegally (a period of one year from the denial of landing).
    3. Who have been forced to leave (If you have not left the country by the past to the deportation has been that or departure order, five (5) years from the date of departure).
    5. Who have been forced to leave (if the past to deportation has been that or departure order is that you leave the country, for 10 years from the date of departure).
    7. Those who left the country by the departure order (one year from the date of departure).
  13. Eligibility A person who has received a sentence of judgment punished to imprisonment with or without work by certain types of crime while residing in Japan in the (regular alien other than permanent, foreign residents), of Japan, and then leave the country the judgment is confirmed while in the outside, which has not passed the 5 years from the date of the deterministic.
  14. Attempt to destroy with violence the Constitution of Japan and the government that was established under the, or insist, or this attempt or claim to the formation of a political party or any other organization, or this to those who are subscribed.
  15. Formed a political party then listed other organizations, to join in this, a person who has a close relationship with this.
    1. The reason that they are civil servants, assault on public officials added, or political parties and organizations which encourages you to kill public officials.
    3. Public facilities damaged illegally, or collapse political parties and organizations to encourage that.
    5. The safety of the abolition stop the normal maintenance or operation of the facility, or prevent acts of dispute such as political parties and organizations which encourages in factory workplaces.
  17. In order to achieve the purpose of political parties and organizations, printed materials, to create a movie and other documents and drawings, or display those who attempt to be.
  18. It is one of those in any of the 13 to 15, forced a person to leave from Japan.
  19. There is considerable reason to admit that there is a possibility to carry out an act detrimental to the interests or public security of the Japanese people in the Minister of Justice.
  20. When athletes and entertainers, etc. came to Japan in the match and performances on a tourist visa, it will also be denial of landing immigrants in different from the visa to possession purpose.