An application for re-entry permit is a system whereby a foreigner staying in Japan who wishes to leave Japan and re-enter Japan must obtain permission from the Japanese government in advance to re-enter Japan.If you have a re-entry permit, your current status of residence and period of stay will continue as is, but if you leave the country without a re-entry permit, your existing status of residence will be lost.

If a foreigner leaves Japan without a re-entry permit (including a deemed re-entry permit), the status of residence and the period of stay that the foreigner had until then will be extinguished, and the foreigner will need to obtain a new visa, apply for landing, go through the landing examination procedures, and receive landing permission if he/she wishes to enter Japan again.

Please note that permanent residents and special permanent residents will also lose their status of residence if they do not have a re-entry permit when they leave Japan.

Our office can apply on your behalf, so please feel free to contact us.