Religion visa is a visa that is required in the case of performing the activity on missionary and other religious carried out by the person who is sent to Japan by foreign religious organizations.Specifically, you might do monks were dispatched by foreign religious organizations, bishop, priest, evangelist, pastor, monk, the religious activities such as priests in Japan.

Conditions that can be acquired religious visa

Religious visas, carrying out religious activities, dispatched by foreign religious organizations in Japan, in the case where the activities of religion for the purpose of carrying out a missionary or the like is applicable, there is a requirement, such as the following.

  1. The foreign religious groups, does not necessarily require that it is the headquarters of a particular sect. Even if it is invited to the religious organization with headquarters in Japan, the applicant has to actually belong to a religious organization of the country, and if a person has received a dispatch form or letter of recommendation from the organization, It will be the person who has been dispatched from foreign religious groups.
  2. Beside the missionary, language education, even in the case of medical care, the activities of social work, are those these are carried out as part of the missionary activities on the basis of the instruction of belonging to religious groups, and if that takes place in the absence of reward , it is recognized as activities on religion. (If you do in response to the reward, it becomes necessary qualification outside activities permitted.)
  3. Even in the activity of religious, it should not be so, the contents of which violate the national law, or harm the public welfare.

Period of Stay

5 years, 3 years, 1 year,3 months

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