Special case of denial of landing and is landing in response to the special permission is foreigners who are staying in Japan, at the time of entry to Japan again to leave Japan, if it is in the denial of landing period, immigration every time you enter government, there was a special inquiry officer, wasteful part is necessary to the Minister of Justice of the examination.

In order to eliminate the waste, already even if you leave from Japan, passed a considerable period of time is to leave in the expulsion order, if it can get the Certificate of Eligibility and visa (visa) is appropriate that the Minister of Justice when you admit that is a system where the immigration examiner has to be able to indicia of landing permission.

Q&A(Ministry of Justice Immigration Bureau quote)

Although the handling of the people from 2010 are applicable to the denial of landing grounds we heard that change, specifically how do I change.
For example, foreigners in the denial of landing period because there is a deportation history is, in the case of marriage met with the Japanese in the home country, the Minister of Justice, at such time as giving the landing special permission taking into account the various factors even, then, that every time a foreigner is trying to re-entry to Japan, immigration officer, a special inquiry officer, and would have to be the landing special permission through the procedure of the Minister of Justice and a three-stage, always there was also the case that it can not be said that rational.
Currently, even in the case where there is a specific reason that corresponds to the denial of landing grounds to foreigners, when the Minister of Justice finds it appropriate, again immigration officer, a special inquiry officer, through the procedure of the Minister of Justice and a three-stage landing without special permission again, immigration officer has been simplified for landing procedures by allowing the indicia of landing permission.
Although people who become subject to the special was heard that stipulated in the Ordinance of the Ministry of Justice, what kind of person do you become a target. In addition, the person who was the subject, you the thing is informed or.
Become subject to the special, out of the denial of landing grounds prescribed in Article 5 of the Immigration Control Act, the same Article No. 4, Section 1, No. 5, No. 7, corresponding to 2 of the No. 9 or No. 9 in How to, who the Ministry of Justice has received a re-entry permit on or after July 1, to be amended, who received a grant of refugee travel certificate, certificate of eligibility of issuance and visa (consultation with the Minister of Justice it was Minister of Justice finds that there is a special reason in those who received the issuance of limited to those passing through the.). In the direction of these, when it finds it will be informed to issue a notice.
If the notice has been issued, although only by corresponding to the denial of landing grounds listed in the notice will not be denied landing, landing in the case such as that was applicable to other denial of landing grounds it will and be denied.