Training visa is aimed for somebody who learn skill and knowledge and contributes to their own countries with these skills for industrial development.

Conditions for This Visa

Conditions may change depends on what applicants will learn.

  1. Training Without Internship
  2. Training With Internship

1. Training Without Internship

  1. Skill cannot be aquired by repeating on the same work.
  2. Skill which is impossible to master at their own country.
  3. The age has to be more than 18 years old and going to work with skill which he/she mastered in Japan after staying in Japan.
  4. Host organizations do adequete measures to trainees for preparating airline fee when they return.
  5. Host organizations has to create all neccessary documents on their training and keep them for more than one year.
  6. If accepted organizations are unable to take care of trainees, they have to report the condition and measures to local immigration bureau.
  7. Host organization has to place full-time instructor who has more than 5 years of training background.

Addition to conditions above, there are other regulations regarding fraud and disqualification.

2. Training With Internship

Training with internship should be operated as public training. Followings are recognized as internship.

  1. Training by Japanese goverment, local govermnemt or independent administrative institution
  2. Training as a program by international organizations
  3. Training as a program by National Institute of International Tourist Organization
  4. Training as a program by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
  5. Training as a program of National Institute of Oil, Gas and Metals National Oil Development Technology Center
  6. Adding to the list above, Training which is funded by Japanese or local govermnent. The host institute has to follow all the items below.
    • A- Accomodations and training facilities for trainees are fully prepared.
    • B- Advisors to take care of trainee's life are placed.
    • C- Have insurance to cover trainee's death and diseases.
    • D- Neccessary measures for safety at training facilities are taken.
  7. Training for full-time empoloyees from foreign government and its local government. (Host organization has to meet all requirements above item 6.)
  8. Program is supported and conducted by Japanese goverment to person who are assigned by foreign government and its local government. It should cover all the items below.
    • A- The job which applicants are engaged in their own country is to provide skill broadly.
    • B- Host organizations has to cover all aditional items on item 6. Item1.-7. in "Training Without Internship" will be also required. Moreover, other regulation will be implimented regarding fraud and lack of owners of the organizations, managers, instructors and advisors.

Period of Stay

1 year, 6 months and 3 months