In Japan, if you are born in that country like the United States you can not acquire the nationality of that country.
If either of my parents is Japanese, I can acquire Japanese nationality, but if both parents are foreign nationals it is necessary to obtain a visa for my born child.

Necessary Visa if A Child is Born

Because if t born children in Japan foreigners to both parents does not acquire Japanese nationality, you must obtain a visa, which can stay for children. You need to perform the procedure within 30 days of birth. However, if you leave from Japan within 60 days from the birth of a child will be able to stay in Japan without a problem even without the procedure.
If within 60 days did not get the visa, become a overstaying, because the children will be deported, please start immediately procedures Once born children.

Flowchart For Birth of A Child

  1. 1. Birth of A Child

  2. 2. Submitting A Birth Certificate to The City Hall Within 14 Days From Birthday

  3. 3. Going Embassies Where A Child Has Nationalities

  4. 4. Submitting of Certificate of Eligibility (Within 30 Days From Birthday)

Period of Stay

Different by Visa to get