Certificate of Eligibility

Residence and the qualification certificate (Certificate of Eligibility), not those activities that foreigners attempts in Japan at the time of the landing examination is false, in any of the status of residence on the Immigration Control Act (except for short-term stay) in order to prove that they comply with the landing of the conditions of equal appropriate is an activity, is the certificate to be delivered in advance in each regional immigration authorities of the Ministry of Justice jurisdiction.

Residence if the qualifications are in possession of the Certificate will be susceptible to the issuance of a visa in the standard processing period in the Japanese Embassy or Consulate General (5 business days from the day of receipt of application) (residence not visa is guaranteed with that you are in possession of a certificate of eligibility). If the Immigration Bureau in the Certificate of Eligibility (Certificate of Eligibility (COE)) is issued, which was sent to the applicant in person who is abroad, the procedure of visa issuance at the Japanese Embassy or consulate to bring it by the to, will be promptly issued visa. Also, when you arrive in Japan, by presenting the visa has been issued passports, entry into Japan will be smooth.

However, be issued a Certificate of Eligibility, always or can get visa, it does not mean that it can be immigration.

Short stay is, Certificate of Eligibility will not be issued.

Person or representative the applicant

You can apply for Certificate of Eligibility, which depends on the type of residence status, it is basically limited to a principal or agent. The applicant agency administrative scrivener is, but it mandatory procedures business of Certificate of Eligibility, required the applicant himself or his agent at the time Certificate of Eligibility is to stay in Japan there is

Someone who can become an application of attorney, basically and relatives in Japan of foreign person, but can not become if not a company of staff signed a contract of employment, management visa now if you want to establish a company, the agency also those who are commissioned for the installation of office it is possible to be a person.

Frequently Eligibility Certification application of Inquiry

Visa prior consultation

There is a visa prior consultation in addition to the Certificate of Eligibility, but foreigners carried out through the overseas Japanese Embassy, and it takes a significant amount of time.Except short stay to get the Certificate of Eligibility, visa (visa) is recommended is better to carry out the application.