Landing and special permission, after becoming a deportation in such illegal stay, a certain period of time (1 years, 5 years, 10 years, indefinitely a) is I can not enter Japan, the special circumstances should be immigration and the landing special permit application on the grounds, is a system that get admitted entry into Japan.

In addition, it has already left the country from Japan, and a considerable period of time has elapsed to leave in the expulsion order, if it can get the Certificate of Eligibility and visa (visa) is, when the Minister of Justice deems it appropriate, It is a system where the immigration examiner has to be able to indicia of landing permission.

Landing special permission of conditions

It is often the spouse or child of Japanese or permanent residents, such as if you are in Japan is allowed as there is a humanitarian situation.
If it is determined that there is a need to allow special landing by the Minister of Justice in the landing examination procedure, it will be landing special permission.

First of all, to proceed with the procedure of special landing permission obtained from to get the Certificate of Eligibility is common.
If the certificate is issued Re, examination possibility that is in permission leave is high.

Permission for provisional landing

If the time to review it takes is, but you will want to stay at the facility in the airport, until the proceedings end in temporary landing permission, it may land in Japan is observed. Deposit is required, is also in the provisional landing limit of the range of action is limited only to one municipality. Please refer to the text below for more information.

  1. Chief examiner, particularly if the government deems it necessary during the process of landing prescribed in this chapter, until when the procedure is complete, it is possible to permit a temporary landing for the foreigners.
  2. In granting the permission set forth in the preceding paragraph, the chief examiner, shall issue a temporary landing permit to the alien.
  3. In granting the permission of the first term, chief examiner, the alien hand, pursuant to the provisions of the Ordinance of the Ministry of Justice, restrictions on residence and area of movement, the appearance of obligation other necessary conditions for the call given, and, it is possible to pay the deposit, the amount of which shall be fixed by the Ordinance of the Ministry of Justice within a range that does not exceed 200 yen in the Japanese currency or foreign currency.
  4. Set forth in the preceding paragraph of the deposit, the provisions of the time foreigners who received the stamp of landing permission pursuant to the provisions of Article 10 paragraph 7 or Chapter 11, Paragraph 4, or Section 10 of Article 10 or Article 11 Section 6 when ordered to retreat from Japan by it shall be returned to the person.
  5. Chief examiner, if the alien who has been granted the permission of the first term has violated the conditions imposed on the basis of the provisions of paragraph 3 shall, pursuant to the provisions of the Ordinance of the Ministry of Justice, fled, or without justifiable reason when no response to the call on the whole of the deposit of the same paragraph, when the other is intended to sequester a part of.
  6. Chief examiner, when the alien who has been granted the permission of the first term there is reasonable grounds to suspect that there is a possibility to flee, the alien detained in immigration control officer of the detention order are denoted by calling it can be.
  7. The provisions of Article 40 to Article 42 Paragraph 1 shall apply mutatis mutandis to the accommodation under the provisions of the preceding paragraph. In this case, the term in Article 40, "preceding the first term of the detention order" and "Article 13 Paragraph 6 of the detention order", the term "suspect" is the permission of the "provisional landing and received foreigners ", and" shall be deemed to be replaced with the summary of the suspected offense "is" reason to be accommodated ", Article 41 in the first term and within" the 30th. However, chief examiner, unavoidable circumstances when it finds it, the 30th can be extended as long as the. "shall be deemed to be replaced with in until the procedures for landing prescribed in the" third chapter is completed, and the period of time deemed necessary by the chief examiner to. "said, paragraph 3 of the same Article and Article 42 during the first term" suspect "shall be deemed to be replaced with the" alien who has been granted permission for provisional landing ".