There are several types of visas when you want to summon your parents to Japan. It depends of the situation.

Visas for Summoned Parents

When the long-term stay in Japan, are many who think the home country of the parent and either can not live together in Japan. However, there is no visa to the life summoned the parents as spouse and children. General can only stay in a short period of time in Japan in the short-stay visa, the reality is hard to live on that together ever in Japan.

However, you can get in a particular activity visa, there may be a visa that parents can get in kind of a variety of other visa.
For example, in the management of the experience is there is more than 5 million yen of capital management visa if or stay as a manager, there is also a way to parent is to get the skills visa if the cook.

If you can contact us, We will check whether there is a visa that can stay in Japan.

Period of Stay

Different by Visa to get