In Japan, it does not have does not mean if Umarere in the country as the United States the country of nationality can be acquired.
You can obtain Japanese nationality if it is one or the Japanese of parents but, in the case of foreign nationals in both parents must obtain a visa even to born children.

Visa if a child is born

Because if t born children in Japan foreigners to both parents does not acquire Japanese nationality, you must obtain a visa, which can stay for children. You need to perform the procedure within 30 days of birth. However, if you leave from Japan within 60 days from the birth of a child will be able to stay in Japan without a problem even without the procedure.
If within 60 days did not get the visa, become a overstaying, because the children will be deported, please start immediately procedures Once born children.

Flow from the birth of a child

  1. 1.Born children

  2. 2.To submit a birth certificate to the public office within 14 days from birth

  3. 3.The necessary procedures, such as a birth in the embassy of the child's nationality

  4. 4.Eligibility acquisition permit application (within 30 days of birth)

Period of Stay

Different by Visa to get